List of my research articles

Here is a list of publications I contributed to (most recent first). I try to publish in open access venues as much as possible. These publications are also all listed on my ORCiD record and Google Scholar page. You can download a BibTeX file containing all these references.

Peer-reviewed articles

  • Makowski MM, Gaullier G & Luger K (2020) Picking a nucleosome lock: Sequence- and structure-specific recognition of the nucleosome. J Biosci 45: 13.
  • Brown P, RELISH Consortium & Zhou Y (2019) Large expert-curated database for benchmarking document similarity detection in biomedical literature search. Database 2019: baz085.
  • Zhou K, Gaullier G & Luger K (2019) Nucleosome structure and dynamics are coming of age. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 26: 3-13.
  • Gaullier G, Miron S, Pisano S, Buisson R, Le Bihan Y-V, Tellier-Lebègue C, Messaoud W, Roblin P, Guimarães BG, Thai R, Giraud-Panis M-J, Gilson E & Le Du M-H (2016) A higher-order entity formed by the flexible assembly of RAP1 with TRF2. Nucleic Acids Research 44: 1962–1976.


Other publications